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List of All Normal Mortys in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.12.1, Asset Version 131 (November 26th, 2019).

# Name Type Rarity Base XP Base HP Base ATK Base DEF Base SPD Stat Total # to Evolve Dimensions
1 Morty Normal Exotic 50 45 45 45 40 175 Mortopia
79 Cronenberg Morty Normal Exotic 290 105 105 102 107 419 Mortopia
111 Morticia Normal Exotic 320 100 100 100 95 395 GF Mortanic

Note: ATK = Attack, DEF = Defense, SPD = Speed
* = Reward from Morty Games (Morty Tokens)

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I remember playing campaign. I was doing like the tutorial Blitz and Chitz draw and the first one I pulled out was Morticia. Ever since that day. She has always been on my team. I loved her so much i brought her over as one of my 3 for multiplayer and haven't replaced her yet.


It would be so great to just sweep someone without having to constantly switch out Mortys

Only problem is, no matter how much I try to train him, my morty morty (wut I call the original) is always 5 levels behind the rest of the team

I need to find some wild exotics to assasinate


They aren't stronger as a type, but they are less vulnerable to attacks from the opposite type for obvious reasons. The best attacks will always use a type vs its vulnerability, in my opinion.

The non-types are nice when you are fighting someone that insists on changing out to match you with every move, which starts getting annoying.


Hey can I have one I am only level 20 and really need a morty that is a normal type pls


I have all of these ob my team if u want a free morticia add me I'm reece661 I'll give g one for free I have 4 to give away :D


Quoting RaviHave12:
Can you catch unique mortys in the wild?

No, but occasionally they've been known to show up in Blips and Chitz machines accidentally.
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