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List of All NPCs in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.10.7, Asset Version 99 (June 13th, 2019).

Name Type Purpose
새인간 Conversational Returns you to the Citadel of Ricks when all of your Mortys are defeated.
젤리빈 씨 Conversational
인형옷 모티 Quest Giver Gives Quest "가상 현실"
턱수염 모티 Conversational
세눈박이 모티 Conversational
꾀죄죄한 모티 Conversational
근육질 모티 Conversational
쓸모있는 릭 Conversational
대머리 릭 Conversational
턱수염 릭 Conversational
풍선껌 릭 Conversational
고물상 릭 Conversational
경비 릭 Conversational
완벽주의자 릭 Conversational
얼간이 릭 Quest Giver Gives Quests "균형 회복", and "지능 지수"
꿈꾸는 릭 Conversational
상고머리 릭 Conversational
제로 릭 Conversational
부주의한 릭 Conversational
네눈박이 릭 Quest Giver Gives Quest "생사의 문제"
행복한 릭 Conversational
희망찬 릭 Conversational
감사하는 릭 Conversational
사생팬 릭 Conversational
중얼거리는 릭 Conversational
콧수염 릭 Conversational
초보자 릭 Conversational
복수의 화신 릭 Conversational
포털 경비 릭 Conversational
쇼핑중독 릭 Conversational
통찰력 있는 릭 Conversational
모티 게임 릭 Tournament NPC
유령 릭 Tournament NPC
블러그 Conversational
플라고 Quest Giver Gives Quests "릭의 시간", and "불철주야 릭"
플리퍼디 플루플롭스 Conversational
가기가버 Conversational
글룹 Conversational
곱파 Conversational
구바고바가 Conversational
휴목스 5 Quest Giver Gives Quest "외계의 대재앙"
제리 Quest Giver Gives Quests "고장 난 리모컨", "러브 레터", "버터를 부탁해", and "내 안의 릭이 곧 네 안의 릭"
메이시 칼레락스 Quest Giver Gives Quest "주방의 새로운 쉐프"
프락스 Conversational
프릭스 Conversational
슈무피둡 Conversational
스니세르춥스 Conversational
스누피 스누플즈 Conversational
투피 Conversational
투이 텀탑스 Conversational
윔피박스 Conversational
흐쿠투픽 Conversational
잔 콰탁사 Conversational
잔나박스 Conversational
의사 릭 Interactive NPC Heals all of your Mortys to full HP and full AP for free. The Healing Center is the only place in the game that does this.
세일즈맨 릭 Interactive NPC Will sell you a wide assortment of items in addition to Blips and Chitz Coupons.
창고 릭 Interactive NPC Stores up to 300 of your caught Mortys in his Morty Daycare Center. Additionally, if you have two of the same type of some Mortys, Storage Rick will allow you to combine them into a more powerful Morty. Go here for a list of all Mortys that can be combined and their combinations.
연구소 릭 Interactive NPC Allows you to modify your Mortys' attacks for 1 Blips and Chitz coupon. This means any attack in your Morty's move set that you have the appropriate level to learn can be swapped in to one of the four attack slots. See the Morty Deck database for the attacks available to each Morty.
주최자 릭 Interactive NPC
더러운 릭 Interactive NPC Sells you a special bundle of items that he'll leave on the side of the arena at the start of a round in the Morty Games.
토큰 릭 Interactive NPC
투자가릭 Interactive NPC Allows you to invest Schmeckles, returning more Schmeckles after a certain amount of time.
경비 릭 Interactive NPC
로봇 릭 Quest Giver Gives Quests "재충전", and "새로운 삶으로 리부팅"
릭이라는 이름의 과학자 Quest Giver Gives Quest "릭과 모티"
멋쟁이 릭 Quest Giver Gives Quests "날아야 하는 릭", and "어이 친구, 내 릭은 어디에 있지?"
블루 Quest Giver Gives Quest "독재"
발루기 멜로우 Quest Giver Gives Quest "케이블 릭"

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