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Snowball morty

2 years 2 months ago #3045 by Dogwolfmorty
Snowball morty was created by Dogwolfmorty
Snuffles, (who changed his name to Snowball and back again) was Morty's pet dog. Rick develops an IQ-enhancing helmet for making him smart. Eventually, he becomes smart enough to figure out a lot more things about how the humans have been treating him and modifies his helmet to let him communicate with them. He keeps building and learning more, until eventually, he and many other dogs take over.He also reveals that he doesn't like the name "Snuffles" and now plans to go by "Snowball". However, when Morty returns from an adventure with Rick, Snowball decides he cannot hurt the only human who actually loved him so instead he turns morty into a dog so he can rule with snowball.Hey, at least he can date Jessica. HEIGHT
213.5 lbs
Shiny Coat, Wet Nose
rare:epic to legendary
evolve : Snowball trainer must fusion morty with dog morty


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