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Will Voice act for Mortys!!

1 year 5 months ago #3901 by X3Thunder
So for a long time I have seen people on the internet try to impersonate rick and morty, there as far as I know are only a couple good guys out there and the rest sound like they are taking a morty for a dump out ricks mouth, Im well aware that's out there in the multiverse somewhere but people please there are an infinite amount of mortys and ricks.
The only thing they have in common is their voice as everything else is different and I want to be clear that I have never met the one true Morty or the Rickets rick that sounded otherwise.

I don't really want to take your hard earned Mortys as payment, No no Just your time and maybe your critiques and constructive criticism if they aren't too mean. oh Oh yes and your laughter.. as I feed on your LOL's.
Think up something fun you want rick or morty to say and let me give it a shot. what do you have to lose? I mean its not like if you don't like it and have negative things to say ill portal to your bedroom and rainbow laser your head in your sleep until you go blind with color and taste nothing but skittles for the rest of your miserable worthless life. >.> not sure if that is a bad thing for some people. Oh well let me know

i want the egg mortys

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1 year 5 months ago #3912 by TheOGJames420
I'll trade anything for TOTM

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