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All Attacks in Pocket Mortys

Updated to Game Version 2.15.0, Asset Version 154 (April 1st, 2020).

# Name Type Power Accuracy AP Description
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Buffs and debuffs are rated as Weak, Medium, or Strong.
During a battle, you can have up to 6 "stacks" of a buff or debuff on yourself or on your opponent.

  • Weak = 1 stack
  • Medium = 2 stacks
  • Strong = 3 stacks

So for example, if you used the attack Traumatize twice, the enemy would gain 6 total stacks (2 Strong attacks @ 3 stacks each) of Accuracy debuff.

Each stack of a buff or debuff has the following multiplier effect:

  • 1 stack = x1.5
  • 2 stacks = x2
  • 3 stacks = x2.5
  • 4 stacks = x3
  • 5 stacks = x3.5
  • 6 stacks = x4

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