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Blips and Chitz Coupon

Blips and Chitz Coupon
Type: Item Rarity: 10 Cost: N/A
Badges Required
Purchase from Salesman Rick's: N/A
Receive as Trainer Reward: N/A
Usable in World? No
Usable in Crafting? No
Usable in Battle? No
Usable on Self? Yes
Use at a Blips and Chitz machine to win prizes.

Recipe for Creation


Recipes Used In


Quests Used In


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What happened to spending one chip? Now I have to collect up to 4o to get 10 Morty's? Wtf this is stupid. Who would spend money on this crap. I don't even need the items u get... Level up seeds are junk and the others are free...


Campaign is the best place to farm Tickets( from crates) , you can farm up to 15 tickets in 3 hours. Use hem to buy dope avatars, and those will carry to Multiplayer.( farming only works when you have your portal gun)


I just got one from the blips and chipz machine as a reward and then it happened again straight after

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