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"Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind" Quest

Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind
Quest Giver: Humox 5
Badges Required: 24
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Humox would like to blow up his home planet.


Active Quest:

Rick, the Multiverse is an eternal pool of pain and injustice. Each dimension is its own cruel mistress playing with life and death.
My people suffer through endless wars, slaves to countless races. I believe that we have experienced our fair share of life’s wicked games-- our time has come.
We must ascend to a higher place to end the suffering and be free.
Can you help me free my people, Rick?

Reject Item:

This will not end our suffering, Rick. We must go out with a bang.

Accept Item:

This will work just fine, Rick.
I will take this to my home planet and I will free them from the shackles of life. They will thank you for your kindness in the next life, Rick.
As you have helped me, I will help you, too. Here-- my people will need these no longer.

Complete Quest:

I will remain in this life, continuing to train my Mortys while telling tales of your heroism and the freedom of my people.
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