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"New Chef in the Rickchen" Quest

New Chef in the Rickchen
Quest Giver: Masy Kallerax
Badges Required: 8
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Masy needs a Purified Fleeb to make some special brownies.


Active Quest:

Hey, Rick. I want to bake some brownies for my Mortys-- a treat for all their hard work!
I hear triple chocolate brownies with a splash of Purified Fleeb juice will do wonders for their stamina.
But I can't find a Purified Fleeb anywhere. Can you craft one for me?

Reject Item:

That's not a Purified Fleeb, Rick. Please come back when you've crafted one.

Accept Item:

A Purified Fleeb! This should give my brownies an extra kick. My Mortys will be so pleased.
Here, I found this strange-looking egg but can't get it to hatch. Maybe it needs maturing....

Complete Quest:

You should try my brownies, Rick! They are the best!
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