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"A Matter of Rick or Death" Quest

A Matter of Rick or Death
Quest Giver: Four Eye Rick
Badges Required: 12
Quests Required: None
Quest Giver Wanders? Yes
Four Eye Rick wants to experiment with some Dark Energy.


Active Quest:

I’ve heard you can combine Dark Energy with something to make a new, powerful source of matter. I need to try this out, Rick. You must help me.
You see, I don't even have the recipe for Dark Energy.
Work out how to craft Dark Energy, then bring it to me. Do it, Rick!

Reject Item:

Does that look like Dark Energy to you, Rick? No, no it doesn’t.

Accept Item:

Dark Energy! Just what I need.
Here, take these leftover materials and leave me in peace.

Complete Quest:

I've no use for you, Rick. Leave me alone.
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