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Multiplayer Dimensions

There are currently 4 dimensions available to explore in the Multiplayer version of Pocket Mortys. They are Mortyland (Dimension 1), Plumbubo Prime 51b (Dimensions 2), Mortopia (Dimension 3), and GF Mortanic (Dimension 4). Each dimension has different Mortys available to capture.

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for do trades you have to add as friend the guy you are trading with; then on the game you go to the friend icon and request the morty you are looking for and wait for the other guy to donate you that morty and in retrun you donate him the mortu you acces to give him for the one you wanted
and if one of you havent seen the morty you do a friend batlle where you both show the morty


Hi, thanks for the answer, i was wondring the same thing. but there's still one thing : when i go on my profile here, my player level is not the one i have in the game (i'm 9 and it shows 1 here) and my morty's don't appear, so i can't make offers on this site ...
what do i have to do in order to sync my in-game account with this one ?

You feel your sins crawling on your back

You feel your sins crawling on your back

Quoting Holyoblation:
How do I hatch egg morty. I leveled to 19 then used 2 seeds to 21. Still no OTM

For multiplayer you need to combine him with 10 more egg mortys.


Anyone interested on trading Mortys with me? Add me as a friend: X_MortyCatcher_X
I will trade Egg Morty, Mascot Morty, Turkey Morty and Turbulent Juice Morty for Exoskeleton Morty
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