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Fight Pit Issue

3 weeks 6 days ago - 3 weeks 5 days ago #5681 by Techowl
Fight Pit Issue was created by Techowl
I have been having an issue with the Fight Pit that started with the last event. If I compete in 2 battles, the first one goes great, but the second will lockup the after the battle is finished. I do not get the reward for finishing the battle and I have to force exit the game to continue with it.

If I try to battle again, it will lock up the game again immediately upon entering the Fight Pit and seeing the current team status.

If I wait for a few days, the problem goes away.

I believe this issue has to do server load as it always appears the first few days after the start of a new Fight Pit event.

- Techowl -

My IGN (In Game Name) is TimDaTech

My Discord ID is Techowl#8306
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