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My game Crashes when trying to play multiplayer

3 months 2 weeks ago #8132 by Ferchux234
So. I started playing this the other day and wanted to try multiplayer to play with some friends.
But when I hit on multiplayer and I create the charater the game shortly after crashes without any message or warning.
Only thing I get to see before the crash is Mr. Poopybutthole saying something about going around to do some stuff (nothing about an error) but I have been unable to read it completely.

I can play just fine in campaign. I have defeated the first council member and even succesfully combined my first morty so there are no issues there.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A12 64GB version. It's almost new, not even 4 months since I took it out of it's original case.
My nephew is playing in his older cheaper phone just fine, behind me as I write this.

I already tried to clean the app's cache and data, didn't help.

Hope someone can help me and thanks in advance for your time.

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2 months 2 weeks ago #8134 by PlaStick
just delete the app and install it again

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