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Struggling as a new player

1 week 2 days ago #5908 by LETS4GO
Hey, I started playing two days ago and have managed to grind my way to level 10 but I'm pretty stuck and am currently struggling to make anymore progress mainly because of how strong the competition is. I managed to grab a wild Android Morty and grinded it up to level 14 (for swing) but even with that and a few other decent Morty's I'm not making it anywhere.

I was possibly thinking about grinding my way to level up my Morty's by fighting wild Morty's but my whole deck is between level 8-16 which I assumed was decent and tbh I don't want to spend another hour grinding wild Morty's like I previously did with Android Morty.

Does anyone have any advice on how to step up my game? Or just simply anything that could help me.

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