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Any Advice for Raids?

1 week 5 days ago #5552 by aBoiNamedSu
I started playing a few days before the June Balthromaw raid.
Currently, I've got 2-3 S Tier Morty's per type (And 1 Cronenberg). About half are EV Trained to LVL 30.

I'm wondering if you need LVL 50-100 Morty's to have a chance at receiving a raid reward - or even survive an instance.
I'm only aware it's useful to have some Debuffers and a Paralyzer in your team. Any advice is appreciated.

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1 week 1 day ago - 1 week 1 day ago #5555 by TheGodMorty82
Replied by TheGodMorty82 on topic Any Advice for Raids?
The Raid boss you get should be more or less proportional to your experience level, as players get divided into groups based on that. As an example, I've been an L37 trainer for a while and I always see people in the L33 - L39 group during raids. It'd be unfair to compare me with a bunch of L50s, I don't think I'd win at anything.

My recommended set-up, since you get 5 Mortys: A paralyzer that can also debuff (better make it a Strong debuff), then other Mortys who can debuff supplemental stats while having Strong Attack and Defense buffs for themselves so they can have more opportunities to attack the boss. Line-up your team with Mortys who also have absorb attacks so you can focus on replenishing attacks and not health. And read the Morty guide in this site, it'll give you a better idea beforehand which Mortys will have the characteristics you need for the raid, instead of just going by trial and error.

As you EV train your Mortys, remember you're getting them ready for raid-specific combat, meaning they will fight differently against Mortys in the wild or Mortys in another player's team. Be patient and remember to replenish often at the Healing Center.

Also, have a good stash of Pure Halzingers, Pure Plutonic Rocks and Sensational Serums handy. And go collect Crates, have a good money reserve in case you need to buy more of these items so you can get back to fighting (50k Flurbos should more than comfortably get you through a Raid event).

The rest will depend on your own experience, the balance between debuffers and strikers in your team will vary over time with your results - I've been in all raids so far as I'm recently training Mortys for Raids I had never even considered collecting before.
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