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Campaign mode crashes after battle - Bluestacks 4

9 months 2 weeks ago #5377 by C-124
I've experienced this previously before I updated both my Pocket Mortys and Bluestacks, and figured the issue happened because I did not update, but I've just now updated both PM and Bluestacks to their newest versions, and my problem remains. Does this happen to anyone else by chance?

After I finish a battle with a wild Morty or capture the wild Morty in Campaign, the screen goes black, and if I click anywhere, the game will close and return to Bluestacks' menu, forcing me to click on Pocket Mortys again to reopen it. My progress remains, and the Morty is added to my team/sent to my storage. Multiplayer works fine after a wild Morty battle, it's just Campaign that crashes.

Is there a way to resolve this, or do I need to contact the PM support team somehow? Thanks.

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