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Are Mega Seeds good or bad?

3 years 2 months ago #4169 by ANGELDAGAWD
I have 5 mortys that im training from lvl5-100. I know Level up mega seeds are bad for stats therefore i dont use them. but would it hurt to use the attack/speed/defense seeds? Im going to have 10 of every seed very soon & i would like to know whether I am wasting bag space(for more) or training my mortys correctly

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3 years 2 months ago #4185 by mocketporty
DISCLAIMER: This only applies to MULTIPLAYER. Don't complain to me about how awesome stat seeds are in CAMPAIGN.
Mega stat seeds (attack, defense, speed) won't mess up your stats, and depending on how you have trained your mortys, they can improve them alot. If you have EV trained your mortys, their stats are already maxed out, so the seeds won't increase your stats, but if you haven't EV trained them, the stat seeds can really give your mortys a nice boost!
One more tip, you can usually only get one boost in each stat per level, so don't go crazy with the stat seeds
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4 weeks 10 hours ago #8130 by Mogi-C137
I have a level 40 Mega Morty that was around 34 when I got him in a trade, my other active Mortys were around 28 at the time. I dumped about 6 level lup mega seeds and every defense seed i’ve come across, his stats still go up by 3 every defense seed i drop on him. My thought was to have an unkillable tank that could parry attacks to burn through moves so items could be used….so far he’s still gaining Defense with every seed and when i pvp I spam harden and regenerate….even hard hitters up to 10 levels above can only knock 25% of his hp on a good hit. I’m still pretty green at this game but I think having a tank is good strat….if you want to use items anyway.

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