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Nōnēmu's Pocket Mortys Headcanons - Requests and Guidelines

1 year 3 months ago #5851 by ThatMemerDude89
I will share my headcanons pertaining to Pocket Mortys characters (mostly Mortys/Morticias, sometimes avatars/NPCs/bosses).

What is a headcanon?:
A headcanon is a sub-branch of fanon. When someone invents a piece of fanon that they believe in, it may not be accepted as a general part of a fanbase, but still stays inside its creator's brain, thus making it a personal headcanon of that person.

  • Requests can be submitted in the comments section, as long as I am online.
  • To request a character for me to make a headcanon of, simply reply with the character's name (example: Scruffy Morty).

  • Characters that don't exist in my headcanoned Pocket Mortys universe are prohibited from being requested (view the list of prohibited characters at the bottom of this post for more information).
  • Do not send requests to me, when I am offline.
  • When a headcanon post is made, hating on it and/or thinking it's fake is not acceptable. Criticism is allowed, but hate speech isn't.

Prohibited Characters:
This section will be edited from time to time.
  • Miami Morty (reason: I am uncomfortable with his design.)
  • Tired/Sleepy/Asleep Morty (reason: Too unoriginal.)
  • Armomaly/Cronenberg/Carcinogenic Morty (reason: Body horror.)
  • Spoon/Fork/Spork Morty (reason: Too unoriginal.)
  • Concerto Morty (reason: I am uncomfortable with his design.)
  • Snoozle Mortys (reason: What the hecc is a snoozle?)
  • Reptile Morty (reason: He can be mistaken for Lizard/Scaly Morty.)
  • Skin Suit Morty (reason: This one is self-explanatory...)
  • Froopy Bloop/Shloop/Moop Morty (reason: I get these Mortys mixed up, because of their names.)
  • Robot Chicken Morty (reason: I'm not much of a fan of Robot Chicken.)
  • Morty Jr. (reason: I felt uncomfortable, after watching the Gazorpazorp episode. Mostly because of this dude.)
  • Promotional Mortys (reason: This one is self-explanatory...)

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