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The problematic multy player day care

9 months 2 weeks ago - 9 months 2 weeks ago #3568 by Malmal90210
many times when other players asks for a fight, i need to go all the way to the daycare (which usually is very far) to activate my "battles deck" (a deck with my finest 100 lvl mortys), but the other players doesn't know that, they usualy think i ignor them and when i come back they dissapear or simply moved on.
that is also the main reason other players decline my battles invatations.

my suggestion, is to put the day care in the player menu, like salesman rick's, items, and "your mortys"

thank you :)
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5 months 3 weeks ago #3822 by AllAloneIsAllWeAre
Or at least have a quick switch button for which team you want, since the Daycare takes so long to fully load. I am playing through a second time, the first time was in beta. One of the things that changed from beta is that the wild Mortys are a maximum level of your lowest level Morty. The first time I played, the Wild Morty's level was based off Rick's level, like in Campaign. So now, you can take along a Lvl 5 Morty to snag some fresh Mortys to raise yourself. And you can level up lower level Mortys, wherein beta they were a liability.

But, they are still a liability when battling other Ricks. It would be nice to catch Mortys with my lvl5 Morticia, then quickly switch her out with her more experienced counterpart when I get a battle invitation from another Rick.

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