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Rule Name Rule Description Points
Post New Topic Post a new topic on the forums (once per day). 1
Reply To Topic Reply to a topic on the forums (once per day). 1
Give Thank You Give a Thank You to another user on the forums (once per day). 1
New Memorizr High Score Set a new high score for a Memorizr game. 25
First Memorizr Score Submit a score for the first time on a Memorizr game. 5
Memory Game - Daily Play Points earned for playing a memory game today (once per day) 1
Invitación exitosa Invitá a un amigo a que se registre en nuestro sitio, asigna puntos al usuario cuando su amigo se registre 10
Nuevo usuario Asignar puntos a usuarios nuevos 50
Login Login to the website (once per day). 2