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How to catch Mortys

1 year 4 months ago #5751 by smayberry
I keep seeing people ask the same questions over and over again.

If you are on a map with other people dazing wilds. When doing your route, start by walking to the furthest one, and work ur way back. Think about it, you have been fighting the first common you see, and later u discover someone else fighting an exotic in the place where you were going!

Epics/Exotics actually all spawn around the same time. So when you see an Exotic you don't really want, hurry and run all over the map to see if a different Exotic has spawned. There's certain spawn locations, and each time someone dazes one, something will spawn. If you see a junk Exotic, wait for another player to finish dazing the one they are fighting, and see what spawns in an any empty place.

Portal Hopping can be done when you are alone on a map. It's like killing all the spawns at the same time. You use the portal to go back to the same map. If the spawns/crates didn't change, then someone else is on the map. It's a bug on the server, where it doesn't send you other players coordinates. You can see these players in the bottom-left of Mortanic out in space, they also see you out in space. On other maps you can't walk far enough Down and Left to see the other players, but you might see a wild fighting no one, or crates mysteriously disappear. Portal-Hopping is the fastest, easiest method to find good Morty's.

Please stop catching lvl 5 Mortys. Make lvl 50 the lowest lvl you catch at. This is the only way to ensure you can properly confirm the IVs. Also it's completely silly to level train a Morty from lvl 5, when you could of simply caught it at lvl 88. For most Morty's, if you catch them at lvl 88, you can EV train them by fighting lvl 88's, typically until you reach lvl 98, but check the Calculator to tell you. This means you can capture at the same lvl you are EV training on. When ALL the Morty's you catch are the SAME level, it is VERY easy to check HP to figure out if IV's are going to be worth keeping.

Instead of asking questions, just go ahead and try doing things the way I have suggested and see how much time you save. BTW not many people want to trade for a garbage lvl 5, with unconfirmed IV's that they have spend 3 days to train. All training can be done in 7 hours IF you are SLOW, using my method. I personally catch at lvl 96, train on lvl 15's, and switch my team if I see something I want to catch.
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7 months 4 days ago #8100 by smayberry
Replied by smayberry on topic How to catch Mortys
wow smay, great post as usual. changed my life!

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